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Press release

UVC manufacturers call for rethinking of policy in the fight against pandemics


UVC is the best technology against viruses and other germs. It relieves the burden on the health system and makes it possible to ease or even eliminate restrictions in many areas of life. UVC manufacturers advocate higher standards for air and surface purifiers. Call for multi-barrier approach in the fight against pandemics and prevention against other viruses and germs. To underline the importance of UVC technology in the fight against viruses and germs, German and European manufacturers join forces to form the UVC Alliance.

Short-wave, high-energy ultraviolet light (UVC for short) is a proven technology that has been used for decades to disinfect air, water and surfaces very effectively and reliably. The effectiveness of UVC technology has long been scientifically proven. For example, the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics has been able to prove that UVC air purifiers render over 99% of viruses harmless, even in closed rooms.

In order to raise awareness about this important contribution of UVC technology in dealing with viruses and other pathogens in the long term and to underline the importance of UVC in the fight against the pandemic, German and European manufacturers of UVC technology have joined forces in an industrial alliance.

UVC air purifiers circulate the air in rooms. A built-in fan sucks in the air and guides it through a UVC light chamber. There, UVC destroys viruses and germs. The air is blown out again in a purified state. Surfaces can be treated with the same principle.

The companies BÄRO GmbH, Dr. Hönle AG, Heraeus Noblelight GmbH, ICA Group and the Italian-based Light Progress are leading medium-sized industrial companies worldwide, all of which manufacture high-quality products for disinfection with UVC.

"We are convinced that UVC can make a significant contribution in the fight against the pandemic and beyond. UVC can reduce viruses in enclosed spaces and on surfaces by over 99%. This significantly reduces the risk of infection," said Stefan Walko, spokesperson for the UVC Alliance.

The UVC Alliance advocates higher standards for air purification and surface devices. In this way, particularly effective, efficient and sustainable devices can become established.

"Today, consumers and authorities are largely left alone with the selection of air and surface cleaning devices. Evidence of effectiveness hardly ever has to be provided. Thus, ineffective devices are often bought, which pretend a false sense of security," Walko continues.

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